Think Shift Academy

About the Academy

Think Shift Academy is a resource for our clients. It is a collection of practical tools offered in the course of hosting our intentional leadership, brand, strategy and culture workshops.

About Think Shift

Our mission is to intentionally release the potential in people, brands and organizations – helping them change from the inside out.

We are one company with two divisions: agency and consulting. The consulting team’s specialty is the inside of a company, focusing on leadership, corporate culture and business strategy. We believe real change starts inside your organization, with your leadership team and employees. We deliver practical tools and advice to build intentional corporate cultures and engaged workplaces.

The agency specializes in communicating outside a company, offering strategy and execution in the areas of brand, communication and digital. Successful companies are changing the way they speak with the outside world – shifting from marketing to mattering. To do this, we help you create brands worth caring about, and we share them with your audiences through touchpoints worth experiencing.

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