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100 Questions

The 100 Questions exercise is meant to cut through the surface clutter of our everyday lives.

6’s & 9’s

In performance reviews, everyone seems to be rated as either a six or a nine.

9 out of 10

You are the project manager of a ten person team.

Advice for Victims

Advice for Victims will help ground those who need a switch in perspective.

Amygdala Hijacking

In stressful moments, stop and evaluate your amygdala response.

Analysis of Investment Portfolio

Examine how your investments are clustered, and whether they have been chosen wisely.

Black Swan

A Black Swan event is an unusual event, a surprise outlier.

Book of Tricks

Book of Tricks will help you become aware of when a positive trait may become a negative trait and how to counter your weaknesses.

Bruce Tuckman’s Model

Bruce Tuckman’s Model will help you navigate the stages of a successful team.

Categories of Meetings

Identify into which of four categories your meeting will fall: report, input, collaborative or decision.


Circle of Influence, Circle of Concern

We all have areas where we are in control, and areas outside of our control.



Learn how to create a culture of co-accountability.

Coaching Through Advocacy

Coaching Though Advocacy will help your employees understand alternative positions and aid you in making strategic decisions.

Convolutions vs. Conglomerations

Convolutions are like a brand house, while conglomerations are like a house of brands. Which side of the spectrum are you on?

Deming’s Model

Deming’s Model helps us identify when we are being intentional.

Diminishing Returns

At some point, all employees reach a point of diminishing return. How will company and individual continue to benefit from each other?

Earns & Turns

The amount of money a company makes is the product of its “earns” and “turns”.

Efficient Meetings

Keep your meetings crisp and short.



Balaji focuses on the struggles of truly empowering your team.

Engaged Vs. Performing

Companies tend to value highly performing employees, but are they recognizing highly engaged employees?

Enthusiasm Decay

When undertaking a long-term initiative, give yourself a periodic “booster shot” of enthusiasm.

Feature Creep

Have you ever heard the phrase, “everything but the kitchen sink”?

Fixed Point Theorem

However chaotic a transformation might seem, there is always a fixed point – an item of invariance.

Focus Through Exclusion

The act of excluding options forces discomfort in the room. It causes you to think more rationally.

Foreground and Background Conversations

Foreground and Background Conversations will look at identifying where our focus lies.

Forks in the Road

Balaji explains the Forks in the Road strategy of decision making.

Four Frameworks for Leadership

When approaching a situation, a leader falls naturally into four frameworks.

Front of the Room, Back of the Room Leaders

What type of leader are you, and how can you use that knowledge to magnify your strengths?

Gallery Owner’s Dilemma

Balaji examines a controversial way to view your employees and encourage employee growth.

Habit Energy

What kind of habit energy are you developing?

Hierarchy of Intangible Assets

When evaluating your company, it’s important to consider not only your assets and liabilities, but also your intangible assets.

Hypothetical Resignation Exercise

The Hypothetical Resignation Exercise helps you turn a critical eye toward your team, and gives you strategies to move forward.

Implicit Assumptions

The Implicit Assumptions tool gives a logical breakdown for examining personal bias.

Income Statement, Balance Sheet

One of business’ most essential accounting tools can also be used as a tool for delegation.

Inside and Outside

It’s the tendency of likeminded people working within a team to group together and bond.

Intensity of Presence

Learn how to adapt your intensity of presence as the situation requires it.

Inverse Square Law of Conversations

The more quiet a person is during a meeting, the greater the consideration they should be given when they finally speak.


Investment Criteria

When deciding whether to invest, consider these four aspects.

Jack Welch Formula

The importance of Edge, Energy and Emotion within your company.

Law of Hazard

All actions have both intended and unintended consequences.


Law of Inertia

People tend to endure the pain of the present rather than risk enacting change.


Leadership Agenda

Can leadership be taught, learned, or imitated?

Levels of Performance

Are your employees Satisfactory, Incumbent, or Unacceptable?

Long Tail

Paretto’s Principle (the 80/20 rule) suggests that 80 percent of instances can be explained by 20 percent of causes.


Is your culture a loyalty-based culture?

Managerial Discretion

While hourly employees may clock in and out at precisely 40 hours per week, salaried employees often put in more than 40 hours if needed.

Open vs. Committed

Often, we find ourselves unable or unwilling to open to new situations.

Parking Lot Exercise

If you could rehire your entire team, or staff it with new people, which would you choose?

Preference for Anonymous Harm

How much Anonymous Harm are you willing to tolerate when it comes to your employees?

Pricing Models

How do you best price your services and products?

Principle of Externality

The best salesman in your company still can’t beat the man who sold the first telephone.

Prisoner’s Dilemma

There’s no code of ethics among thieves. There is, however, a certain set of ethics and responsibilities you must maintain as a business leader.

Progress Curve

Progress does not happen in a smooth line – there may be challenges that set a company back, or a sudden break that pushes it rapidly forward.

Riding the Waves of Culture

Taking different elements of culture that employees can bring into your workplace.

Scope of Consciousness

Develop tricks for expanding your circle of consciousness or managing weaknesses you uncover.

Signature Loop

You should only be in the signature loop if you fit into the correct criterion.

Socratic Conversations

Find a person, pick a topic, and take a walk – the Socratic Conversations tool is a good technique for bringing clarity and sparking innovation between two people, or an entire team.

Specific vs. Diffuse

Different people tend to speak with different levels of specificity.



Stewardship is the responsibility you have to protect.

Strategy Busting

This exercise helps you understand the possible pitfalls of your strategy and plan accordingly.

Stream of Consciousness

The Stream of Consciousness exercise is meant to force honesty in yourself.

Talking Stick

The Talking Stick is a tool used to create more efficient meetings by bringing focus to those speaking.

Test of a Teaching Organization

Does your organization take the time to teach?


Three Bars of Integrity

How do you define integrity? Honesty?

Top Grading

How do you make sure that your employees are the best of the bunch?


We live in a society where people move faster and ideas are quickly forgotten.

Two Dimensions, Four Cultures

What kind of culture are you creating in your workplace?

Valuation of a Company

In valuing companies, approach your valuation from multiple perspectives.


Video Tape Test

An extension of the Three Bars of Integrity.

What Value Do You Add?

Determining how much value your business adds in the context of its supply chain can help you determine how much control you have over price.